by Mosquito

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released April 27, 2013

'We ARe SOCIETY' is Mosquito's debut album. All music was written and performed by Kevin Imbrechts and Nico Kennes. Lyrics are by Nico Kennes. Drum tracks recorded by Tobias Stieler at Topperhouse Recordings. Guitar tracks, sound effects and samples recorded by Robin Carlo at Safehaven Recordings. Vocals recorded by Pascal Deweze at Studio Jezus. 'We ARe SOCIETY' was mixed by Jimmy Van Rietvelde at Sugar Beat Studio and mastered by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis.

Artwork by Thijs Van der Linden and Wout Lievens.

All rights reserved to the authors. Copyright 2013.

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Mosquito Leuven, Belgium

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Track Name: (the) Fall
Staring into the sun
We all crave for fall

My life is dull
I’ve got to do something
The quicker the leap
The softer the fall
Track Name: Thrice
Allocate your time
It’s too late to whine
Your hate is mine
Replace my spine
Track Name: Artificial Needs
In spite of nothing I'm doing fine
I run in circles killing time
I'm all washed up but I'm feeling vile
I'm deconstructing my own lie

I know you like to have (it) your way
But isolation is no free rein
Keep on drinking 'til it's safe
To throw away your beloved restraints

I hope you know
That I was you
Two years ago
And now I'm bored
Track Name: Front Stage Façade
I’ll do what you keep me from doing
I’ll lose but I don’t know what losing is
I’m new to this kind of thing
Bleed a little and send me a sample
You say that you’re suffering
Allow me to set an example

Hands down for recovering
From the loss of your under aged scrotum
I’ll wait for a little while
But even womb junks got ultimatums
Track Name: Differentiation Prevails: part I [Interlude]
Ever since his intellect has rendered him capable of it, man has been striving to categorize the complex chaos he takes part in.

In doing so, he displaced audacity for a false feeling of minimal control.

And while he attempted to establish oversight of prevalent phenomena, his resolute actions have led to a suchlike complexification of trivia, that reasoning beyond the aforementioned classifications has become threatened.

To such an extent even, that it got reduced to being perceived as a useless diversion of anti-socials.
Track Name: The Fog
When you get the feeling that you’re falling behind
(in your half empty bed)
You can step outside and try to free your mind
(of past regrets)

It’s all in your head

You can try to force a smile and intertwine
(with all the rest)
Make a shady picture of the midnight sky
(pound your chest)

It’s all in your head

Start projecting movies of the home she’ll find
(in your head)
Nervously denying that you always hide
Track Name: A Senseless Saga for the Sullen
Come and read my untold story, from a book that’s never been read.
Endless shame exceeds my glory. Glory’s nothing when I’m dead.
How can I not be forgotten? How would you not drink the Lethe?
Why are you down at the bottom? Why am I up a thousand feet?

Freedom never did it for me. Who’d I have to share it with?
You’re the ocean, I’m the sea. Do you ever give a shit?
Twist the tables that are turning. Turn the medal, see the back.
Glad to see that you are learning, I am never coming back.

I have watched the seagulls fly, I’ve seen things that no one knows.
I have watched the seagulls die, I have seen them turn to stone.
I am just an image fading, just an echo in the dark.
I am just a shadow waiting, for my world to fall apart.
Track Name: Victim vs. Vagrant
People call you dumb
But you’re the happy one
You always had your fun
Even though you never won

You seem to have it all
And yet you’re cynical
Now it all comes down
To what you really want

The choice you made was yours to make
Stop relying upon fate
You’re a lot to handle, a lot to take
But if you want to change it’s not too late
Track Name: U.A.Q. (Unfrequently Asked Questions)
What if the alleged insight, which some claim to have acquired through means of constant critical reflection, is no more than the result of an absolute submission to inherently preprogrammed determinants?

Who dares to claim - bearing in mind the whole of utterly complex, yet anything but exclusively positive scientific knowledge - that the outcome of persistent immersion in abstract theories is more than the integration of a seemingly ever more natural set of rules?

Of a role, indeed, that becomes increasingly attractive precisely because of its nature.

You think you know what’s best for you.

We all want to be sedated.
Praise to mindless entertainment,
and nine-to-fives we need to pay rent.
We all want to be sedated.

Whore ourselves into enslavement.
Fall asleep upon the pavement.

You think you know what’s best for you.